ActionLine KY-74015 Multi-functional Round Bottom Push Up Twister

Brand Name : ActionLine

Product Code : KY-74015

Price: $40.65


Product Description

My Fitness
  • * Durable and light weight PP and TPR material.
  • * High quality ball bearings for smooth rotation
  • * Unique Lock-clip design can lock the device to stop rotating.
  • * Push up bar: Rocking mode: Blue Round Bottom can reduce pain and strain on joins and wrist. Stable Mode: Blue Round Bottom can be released for stable base. Unlock the clip for Rotating push up. Lock the clip for Standard push up.
  • * Balance board and Twisters: Remove foam grip, user can stand on the device up to weight 220LBS. Use it as Balance Board with Blue Round Bottom. Release the Blue Round Bottom; it can be used as Twister
  • * Creates stronger arms and abdominal muscles and back muscles.
  • * Portable, light weight, easy to travel

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