Hyperflex RotaryShaver

Brand Name : Remington

Product Code : XR1430

Price: $80.99


Product Description

My Fitness Closeness. Comfort. Power. That's what you get with the Remington Maximum Comfort HyperFlex Advanced Rotary Shaver. The HyperFlex design allows the entire shaver head to adjust to the contours of your face, with a pivoting neck and three floating rotary heads that tilt and flex independently to provide consistent skin contact. This shaver features an anti-microbial additive that inhibits bacterial growth. Plus, WETech lets you shave wet or dry for your ultimate comfort, and the powerful lithium battery provides weeks of shaving with every charge. HyperFlex Technology. ActiveContour. Full Floating Heads. Anti-Microbial. PrecisionPlus. Heads WETech. Lithium Power. ComfortTrim Detailer. Charge Stand. Low Battery/Charging Indicator. Black/Blue.

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